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Proving motive of hate crime:
violates due process and equal protection clauses and subject persons influenced by unconscious sexism to unwarranted convictions.

Proving that the defendant acted with hate crime intent by prosecution will likely fall upon the accusations that Johnny is identifying with groups that hate women, which stem from his videos on YouTube.

The issue here is that Johnny does not hate women, he wants a girlfriend so badly that he continues to try different approaches to attaining a long term partner yet continues to fail .
The entire interview with I,hypocrite (YouTube channel) is about how Johnny longs for a relationship, yet continues to fail at attaining one .
Johnny loves women & does not go out with the intent to harm them or provoke them;
However it may seem that he is due to being blunt, uncertain, and trying to say the first thing on his mind when met with the challenge of talking to a new person.

If Johnny "hates women" so much, why does he continue to try & become partners with them? As seen in various videos.

Prosecution says young "self identifies" with incel movement.

In this interview:

which prosecution is referencing
@ 3:04
Mr. Young states that he believes:

"There is gender inequality going on, which sometimes causes rage with young men who cannot acquire sex, or who can but are limited for a duration of time, considering himself incel for that limiting duration of time that he wishes for sex but is unable to recieve it by the opposite gender"

Johnny however, does not specifically identify with being incel directly, nevertheless identifies with wanting to have sex, however struggling to get it from the opposite gender.

@3:27 young states:
" people say I am an incel but I am not due to getting sex before, however the term incel is a generalization which stems from not being able to achieve sexual gratification during certain durations of time that you would prefer to get it, then you are an incel for that period of time"

He is staying that being incel is a time situation, not an identification with radical misogynistic beliefs.

There is no source online or off, where Mr. Young explicitly states that he mysoginistic.

@25:07 Johnny states: " I have a problem with seeing things pass me by which I know I'll probably never see again, & try with no filter, by saying what's on my mind "

Indicating that young is not sure how to act when faced with a girl that he finds attractive in public .

This proves Johnny's motive which is stated above clearly :

He is very uncertain what to do when faced with a desirable person, & just guesses on what to say by trying what first pops into his mind without a filter,
therefore searching for signals of the desirable person which tell whether or not he is mutually liked or disliked .

@39:56 young states: "I don't hate women, I think it is the most exciting thing ever to hangout with a girl".

Johnny has never admitted offline or online that there was ever a bias or hatred for women.

To secure a conviction for a hate crime, the prosecutor must convince the judge or jury that the defendant committed the underlying criminal act (such as assault or vandalism) and did so with the requisite intent.