How it works

GiveSendBro is a subscription based platform where a Creator can be supported by their fans.

Creators can make some of their content free or charge for others as they see fit. They can also have a monthly subscription with discounts if applicable if you pay up by the year to gain access to subscriber only content.

Creators also have the ability to set up a shop with us and sell digital goods and services for a fee as they see fit. 

Users can tip or donate to a content creator regardless if they are subscribed or a free user.

GiveSendBro takes a flat 5% commission from all transactions between user and creator and when a payout is made, the creator get's %5 less than the amount they got from the user. For example, a user pays or tips you $10, you as a creator, will get $9.50. Please keep in mind payout fees or additional taxes are not included.